Monday, January 12, 2015

Now Available for Pre-Order

Sculpting Anna (Bella Books, August 2015)

We couldn't be more excited to announce that our first book, Sculpting Anna, is available for pre-order on various bookseller sites online. Thanks to the very talented Bella Books marketing department, we have a tantalizing book description and cover:

She had to say no the first time…

After enduring a soul-crushing loss, professor Lexy Strayer might be ready to love again, but it will not be one of her students. When sexy, flirtatious Anna Stevens proves too appealing, Lexy has no choice but to firmly rebuff her advances.

Novelist Jennifer Gardiner warned Lexy—students are trouble. She’d distract her friend, but she’s far too busy with the delicious Andrea Cole, who proves to be very quick at mastering private lessons.

When Jennifer’s exes start to turn up dead in ways that copy her novels, Lexy is shocked by what she discovers about her friend…and her new lover. Was she crazy to turn away the promise that Anna offered? Can they find a second chance?